E-commerce? Yes, because it is the trend & the future

work from home clothes

I have worked in the apparel export field for nearly 20 years, up to now. Export business was easy before: worker’s salary is low in China, no trade war between the US and China, and no negative impression on China (due to Covid-19).

Now everything has changed:
1, Buying power in western countries was seriously affected by the virus. Wholesalers are not sure when the virus can be controlled and the economy can recover.
2, Consumers are confined to stay at home;
3, Relationship between China and western countries is worsening, thanks to the “Wolf Warrior diplomacy”.

However, I am still confident about focusing in the apparel field, things can change, but PROFESSIONALITY CAN ONLY COME FROM WORKING EXPERIENCE. 

The change should be how to run my business: we served big clients and wholesalers before, we will emphasize on wholesalers and retailers more from now on, with our good quality products, good service, and good price.

Here are the products on my company’s e-commerce website: https://www.eretail.grandcrowncn.com/product-category/apparel/ and we are working on apparel using Dralon and Mulberry Silk fabric work from home underwear & Bottoming shirts, so the hand feeling is very very soft. Compared to the buyers in western countries, we have closer connections with yarn factories, dying factories and sewing factories. this is our advantage.

Difficulties? There are many, how to let people know us and trust us? How to solve the get the lowest shipping cost? We are solving the problems.

Will do something, because E-commerce is the future.

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