Visit to Temple, Mansion, and Cemetery of Confucius

Confucius (BC 551-BC 479) is very famous in China, and his theory has influenced Chinese for thousands of years.

A quick Q&A:
Why Confucius is so famous in China? Simple, he has developed theory on how to be a good man, and also, he is supporter of emperors.

Absorb the good things and reject the bad things. This is my principle to his theory.

Visited Temple, Mansion, and Cemetery of Confucius last week.
Temple of Confucius: built by Duke Ai of Lu (BC 521-BC 468) in year BC 478, after Confucius passed away;
Mansion of Confucius: built in year 1377, mansion of Confucius’ descendants, obviously, Confucius has not lived there;
Cemetery of Confucius: Confucius buried there, and in year 1684, it is expanded to 1,998,000 square meters, of course, allowed and supported by the government (Ming Dynasty).
The temple, mansion, and cemetery has been renovated several times ever since built.

Temple of Confucius:

The Chinese letters on memorial gateway means Confucius is the best in history:

Red plate on Cypress means this tree is more than 500 years:

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