Why do clothing brands sell at a higher price compared to non-brand?

I have worked in the clothing export field for 21 years and know something about clothing manufacturing.

1, If the clothing is blank, without labels, hangtags, printing, embroidery, or packing, the quality between brand and non-brand clothing is almost the same, if the factory produces under the same standard.

By mentioning the same standard, I mean the following:

1), control the fabric color of each dying jar:

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A dyeing jar can dye 800 kg of fabrics. If the fabric is jersey, it can produce about 2,400 pcs of t-shirts. And if the order quantity is greater than this quantity per color, more dyeing jars are required, and the fabric mill needs to control colors even if they are the same color. There are tens of colors for most people, but there are thousands of colors in the clothing field. We use Pantone Color Code rather than saying black/white… to mention color.

2), Use good quality sewing threads. Different quality threads lead to different sewing qualities.

3), Control needles per inch, and use a good sewing machine.

4), Use skilled sewing workers.

Brands generally have very detailed and strict standards on the above, and therefore, brands can keep products at the same quality level.

2, On the labels, hangtags, printing/embroidery, or packing:

Let us talk about facts:

1) Labels:

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This is the label of brand Polo Ralph Lauren, it uses fine quality woven labels and even used QR code labels (unique labels to check authenticity).

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