Roam Research简易教程



直到发现了Roam Research这款神奇的软件,才彻底解决了知识管理问题。(需要科学上网实用此软件)。



  • 基本篇
    • 按住tab键则缩进,比如这一行的效果
    • 在缩进的一行的 点的后面,未输入以前,点击enter,则取消缩进效果. 或者,在行尾同时按住shift+tab
    • 鼠标按住小点后可以移动,可以归入其他类别
  • Bi Directional Links (这是Roam非常强大的一个功能) 
    • 通过[[]]符号实现,在符号内输入内容,点击内容,则实现在所有记录中展示相关内容
    • 英文教程部分
      • Core Idea
        • Daily log
        • never worry about where to put an idea
        • Always know you can find notes again
    • Creating Links in Roam
      • 是说通过[[]]符号创建link,[[测试]]
      • / 这个按键就厉害了,可以出来很多菜单,相当于帮助功能,提示相关操作。在打了/ 之后,可以用快捷键ctrl+j, ctrl+k 来实现上下选择
      • 也可以选择内容后输入[[]]来创建link
    • Unlinked References in Roam
      • Core Idea
        • You don’t need to know ahead of time which ideas are important
        • Moving notes over from other systems and discovering cross pollination
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I am Back

“Running a blog is sometimes not easy. Anyway, life should be recorded and shared, therefore, I updated my blog and yes, I am back”

After backup the previous website completely, I totally updated my personal website, as you can see now.

During the Coronavirus outbreak, I was thinking about what life and work means, for me, at least, or bigger, for the human beings.

No conclusion.

Whatsoever, life should be recorded and shared. Life without thoughts and friends, is meaningless.

Therefore, I am back!


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