Why do clothing brands sell at a higher price compared to non-brand?

I have worked in the clothing export field for 21 years and know something about clothing manufacturing.

1, If the clothing is blank, without labels, hangtags, printing, embroidery, or packing, the quality between brand and non-brand clothing is almost the same, if the factory produces under the same standard.

By mentioning the same standard, I mean the following:

1), control the fabric color of each dying jar:

No alt text provided for this image

A dyeing jar can dye 800 kg of fabrics. If the fabric is jersey, it can produce about 2,400 pcs of t-shirts. And if the order quantity is greater than this quantity per color, more dyeing jars are required, and the fabric mill needs to control colors even if they are the same color. There are tens of colors for most people, but there are thousands of colors in the clothing field. We use Pantone Color Code rather than saying black/white… to mention color.

2), Use good quality sewing threads. Different quality threads lead to different sewing qualities.

3), Control needles per inch, and use a good sewing machine.

4), Use skilled sewing workers.

Brands generally have very detailed and strict standards on the above, and therefore, brands can keep products at the same quality level.

2, On the labels, hangtags, printing/embroidery, or packing:

Let us talk about facts:

1) Labels:

No alt text provided for this image

This is the label of brand Polo Ralph Lauren, it uses fine quality woven labels and even used QR code labels (unique labels to check authenticity).

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E-commerce? Yes, because it is the trend & the future

work from home clothes

I have worked in the apparel export field for nearly 20 years, up to now. Export business was easy before: worker’s salary is low in China, no trade war between the US and China, and no negative impression on China (due to Covid-19).

Now everything has changed:
1, Buying power in western countries was seriously affected by the virus. Wholesalers are not sure when the virus can be controlled and the economy can recover.
2, Consumers are confined to stay at home;
3, Relationship between China and western countries is worsening, thanks to the “Wolf Warrior diplomacy”.

However, I am still confident about focusing in the apparel field, things can change, but PROFESSIONALITY CAN ONLY COME FROM WORKING EXPERIENCE. 

The change should be how to run my business: we served big clients and wholesalers before, we will emphasize on wholesalers and retailers more from now on, with our good quality products, good service, and good price.

Here are the products on my company’s e-commerce website: https://www.eretail.grandcrowncn.com/product-category/apparel/ and we are working on apparel using Dralon and Mulberry Silk fabric work from home underwear & Bottoming shirts, so the hand feeling is very very soft. Compared to the buyers in western countries, we have closer connections with yarn factories, dying factories and sewing factories. this is our advantage.

Difficulties? There are many, how to let people know us and trust us? How to solve the get the lowest shipping cost? We are solving the problems.

Will do something, because E-commerce is the future.

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Summary On Visit of An Medical Protective Supplies Exhibition

The Economist [Fri, 03 Jul 2020]
Covid-19 is here for a while at least. The vulnerable will be afraid to go out and innovation will slow, creating a 90% economy that consistently fails to reach its potential. Many people will fall ill and some of them will die. You may have lost interest in the pandemic. It has not lost interest in you.

It is a hard year for everyone, at least 2020. We have seen many historic events-the rampant of Coronavirus, the death of Kobe, the US stock market circuit breaker, the date change of Olympics, the lock-down of many countries, the recession of economy,  the collapse of oil prices…, whatsoever, life need to go on.

BE ALIVE is the number 1 priority, especially for the elders and vulnerables. Herd immunity? Or strict control regardless of privacy like China? I am not sure which one is right.

It has been about 5 months since my last business trip, for security. My company mainly deal with the apparel business, however, we also deal with PPEs due to impact of the virus.

Attended a medical supplies exhibition, seems business in China is recovering. And glad to meet many good factories during the exhibition, so we can continue supply PPEs to our clients with better products.

Safety is important, China government is trying to control the spread of covid-19, airport security is wearing protective gowns, and sit on each other seat is advised:

Also, Chinese can generally follow the rules, everyone at the exhibition wears face mask:

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Want 3M 1860 Masks? Be careful, you might dealing with scammers!

I run a company in China, specialized in apparel OEM and apparel stocklots business. However:
1) At the beginning of this year, China factories can not run;
2) Then later, buyers cancel orders and no new orders come in.
Therefore, we are forced to supply PPEs. Many Chinese clothes factories change to produce masks, so we can source from them easily. We firstly supply masks, and then supply other products, including Hand Sanitizers and Bottles, Protective Clothes/Gowns, Protective Gloves, Protective Medical Goggles (high quality goggles, can also use as ski goggles), Hospital Beds,Isolation Chamber, Sanitary Wipe, Infrared Thermometer, Disinfection Tunnel, Non Woven Fabric For Mask.

3M standards for good quality, and many buyers want to source 3M masks from China. We are able to supply 3M 9001/9002/9501/9502, but can NOT supply 3M 1860.

Recently one of our client contacted us for 3M 1860, and the order is real. We had an investigation on the supply chain. I am fully responsible for the information provide below:

  •  All 3M medical masks are under Chinese Government control, including 1860, 3M only supply to China Government, this is directly from my connection in 3M China.
  •  There are many brokers in China, saying that they have connections with 3M management officials, or with connections with big China State companies, so they can get the products. All are scammers!
  •  I talked with one broker, to know how they run the business, and was told 1 billion pcs can be ready within 7 days, sign contract with 3M and 3M will prepare the products from various warehouses all around the world. This could be ridiculous!
  •  I also checked with my friend who work at China Customs, they have data on how many exports of 3M, the information is very very few 1860 shipped out of China;
  • I was also told by the 3M China connection that there is no inventory at all. Not to mention 1 billion, even if 1 million pcs, delivery time is next year, if we place order now.

However, seems the broker is really working hard, he provided me the “Customs Declaration Form of Imported Goods” document, which should be issued by the China Customs and shows they have helped one Chinese company imported 50 million pcs 3M 1860 into China, as below, seems it is authentic, but there is one problem. If you can not find the tell-tale, contact me, I will advise.

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Masks Story in China, and the supply Chain

Bad Indian mask producer

Bad Chinese mask producer

This could be kidding, NO good quality mask would print so much info. 

In a world of Chaos, Everyone need to be good, and wise.

Ever since the outbreak of Coronavirus in China, my company has started dealing with with PPEs, this post is not aimed to sell, but to share, on what you need to know.

In Feb. and Mar., the situation in China is: disposable mask price goes from USD0.50/pack (20pcs) to USD10.00/pack (the highest level in my city), but nowhere to buy, because lack of supply. 

The Superpower Mighty Chinese Government immediately released policies to encourage factories (mainly clothes factories, car factories) to establish production lines, supply increased, adding that Chinese follow the lockdown policy, mask shortage eased.

Chinese government have no strict quality control on masks at that time. Poor Chinese!

Till end of Feb., SMS fabric (core fabric for mask) goes from USD3,000/MT to USD30,000/MT. Now? USD90,000/MT!

At the same time, huge demand from overseas countries stimulates the supply. Horrible business people produce in horrible workshop (see pics left), quality is a big problem.

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Roam Research简易教程



直到发现了Roam Research这款神奇的软件,才彻底解决了知识管理问题。(需要科学上网实用此软件)。



  • 基本篇
    • 按住tab键则缩进,比如这一行的效果
    • 在缩进的一行的 点的后面,未输入以前,点击enter,则取消缩进效果. 或者,在行尾同时按住shift+tab
    • 鼠标按住小点后可以移动,可以归入其他类别
  • Bi Directional Links (这是Roam非常强大的一个功能) 
    • 通过[[]]符号实现,在符号内输入内容,点击内容,则实现在所有记录中展示相关内容
    • 英文教程部分
      • Core Idea
        • Daily log
        • never worry about where to put an idea
        • Always know you can find notes again
    • Creating Links in Roam
      • 是说通过[[]]符号创建link,[[测试]]
      • / 这个按键就厉害了,可以出来很多菜单,相当于帮助功能,提示相关操作。在打了/ 之后,可以用快捷键ctrl+j, ctrl+k 来实现上下选择
      • 也可以选择内容后输入[[]]来创建link
    • Unlinked References in Roam
      • Core Idea
        • You don’t need to know ahead of time which ideas are important
        • Moving notes over from other systems and discovering cross pollination
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