Weekly Reading Summary: Nov.23-Nov.29, 2020

– 卡通剧《辛普森家庭》

– 马德

– 顾城

我们的 Covid-19 疫苗研究,没有要政府的钱。因为那些钱是附带条件的,你必须不断报告进展。
– 辉瑞公司 CEO


  • The Economist Nov. 19, 2020
    • Moderna’s advantage is that its vaccine can be stored at refrigerated temperatures of between 2oC and 8oC for 30 days. The shots being developed by Pfizer and BioNTech need to be transported at -70oC and last less than a week in refrigerated conditions.
    • consider how the cold war against China is different from the first one. The rivalry with the Soviet Union was focused on ideology and nuclear weapons. The new battlefield today is information technology: semiconductors, data, 5G mobile networks, internet standards, artificial intelligence (AI) and quantum computing. All those things will help determine whether America or China has not just the military edge (see article), but also the more dynamic economy. They could even give one of the rivals an advantage in scientific research.
    • The Chinese Communist Party has understood that tech is the path to power. China is blessed with a vast market, ambition and plenty of hard-working talent.
    • He argued that no leader in the world would trade the challenges facing China for their own.
    • He may remove visa-related impediments, introduced by the Trump administration, to study in America by people from China. Mr Biden believes that more foreigners should be recruited to American campuses, and that America gains from their presence. Investigations will continue into suspected espionage involving Chinese researchers。
    • Mr Biden may seek to persuade China to stop building carbon-belching projects such as coal-fired power plants in other countries.
    • Initially, at least, Mr Biden will focus on domestic issues like covid-19 and the economy, as well as on strengthening ties with allies. He will want their support when he turns his attention China-wards.
    • He will persist with efforts to strangle Huawei, a Chinese telecoms giant that America regards as a security threat, by keeping Trump-era restrictions on doing business with the firm (see Briefing). Mr Biden will stress the need for America to keep ahead of China in technology. “Decoupling” in high-tech areas will remain the trend. This may involve government support for making semiconductors in America to avoid reliance on ones made in China.
    • Some of Mr Obama’s most trusted advisers on China are looking forward to a second chance. This time they have few, if any, illusions about China’s strongman.
    • In essence, Mr Kim’s nuclear ambitions are a nuisance for China. But in the risk-calculations of Chinese leaders, the collapse of the grim, impoverished North Korean regime is a far more alarming prospect. It could lead to a rapid, chaotic reunification with South Korea, an advanced democracy and treaty ally of America which keeps more than 20,000 troops there.
    • More than 100,000 Taiwanese call Kunshan home.
    • Foxconn, a giant Taiwanese contract manufacturer of electronics for Apple and other gadget-makers, employs 1m workers in China, more than any other private enterprise in the country.
    • A recent survey by the National Federation of Industries, a trade body in Taiwan, found that four in ten Taiwanese bosses with factories in China said they already have or will “transfer capacity” elsewhere, mainly to South-East Asia.

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