Weekly Reading Summary: Nov.16-Nov.22, 2020

  • 没有什么川粉,挺他只是想看他揍那些我想揍又不敢揍的人。 —网易网友
  • 为什么许多人对新冠病毒在全世界造成的大量死亡感到麻木,因为对于我们大多数人来说,这场疫情的最惨痛经历是目击不到的。 -BBC

  • 我来到推特以后,才发现不管怎么沟通,一半人总是会讨厌另一半人。 -迈克尔·阿灵顿 (TechCrunch 创始人)

  • 商人在理论上不如经济学教授,但是他的观念往往有事实根据,并且也肯用全部的意识使其实现;反之,经济学教授对于现实的观念往往不正确,他的理论很多,但是缺乏实现的能力和勇气。结果,发财的都是商人,而不是教授。 – 德国二战元帅隆美尔

  • 随着消费者对信息的了解越来越容易、越来越多,企业应该将大量的精力、注意力和金钱投入到构建优质的产品或服务中,而将更少的精力投入到产品或服务的营销中。- 杰夫·贝佐斯(Jeff Bezos)

  • 日本和中国的经验里,老年能组团结伴照料的都是女性,而无男性。男性几乎天然不会产生独身主义想法,他们之间可以形成同生共死的战斗友情,但日常陪伴照料式的关系,几乎一天也不能维系。女性较能抵抗老年独身,而男性绝无可能。你可以看到女性主张不婚不育保平安,却看不到任何男性反对婚育。 -网文

  • The Economist Nov. 14, 2020

    • America will stop treating the European Union as a “foe” on trade, or its own forces stationed in South Korea as a protection racket.
    • For more stories and our pandemic tracker, see our hub NINE LONG years elapsed between the isolation of the measles virus in 1954 and the licensing of a vaccine. The world waited for 20 years between early trials of a polio vaccine and the first American licence in 1955. (大禹:所以说,科技的进步,真的是造福人类的。)
    • The 2.2m Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs, as they are typically known) are feted nationally for their sacrifices. Nearly half toil in Saudi Arabia or the Gulf states as maids, drivers or hotel staff. All hotel bands in China seem to have a Filipina singer. Hong Kong has more than 150,000 OFWs and Singapore 120,000, most of them women working as domestic helpers and nannies. Central Hong Kong on a Sunday is like the Philippines writ small: a pavement map of the country’s many languages as Filipinas gather with friends from their region.In all, the diaspora sends home $30bn a year, a tenth of GDP.(大禹:菲佣是菲律宾的重要产业,甚至是支柱产业。)

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