Masks Story in China, and the supply Chain

Bad Indian mask producer

Bad Chinese mask producer

This could be kidding, NO good quality mask would print so much info. 

In a world of Chaos, Everyone need to be good, and wise.

Ever since the outbreak of Coronavirus in China, my company has started dealing with with PPEs, this post is not aimed to sell, but to share, on what you need to know.

In Feb. and Mar., the situation in China is: disposable mask price goes from USD0.50/pack (20pcs) to USD10.00/pack (the highest level in my city), but nowhere to buy, because lack of supply. 

The Superpower Mighty Chinese Government immediately released policies to encourage factories (mainly clothes factories, car factories) to establish production lines, supply increased, adding that Chinese follow the lockdown policy, mask shortage eased.

Chinese government have no strict quality control on masks at that time. Poor Chinese!

Till end of Feb., SMS fabric (core fabric for mask) goes from USD3,000/MT to USD30,000/MT. Now? USD90,000/MT!

At the same time, huge demand from overseas countries stimulates the supply. Horrible business people produce in horrible workshop (see pics left), quality is a big problem.

There is no predictor, there is no estimation that the virus could spread worldwide. And China government is a bit slow on quality control on the export, as a result, there are complaints from different countries. GOOD!

I personally have respect to all professionals, I believe the long run mask factories can produce good quality masks, and it is the fact.

For new factories? They need to solve the supply chain problem, need to train new workers, need to learn how to control quality, and need to debug mask machines, quality is concerned.

For now, China government are very strict on masks export, both for civil use and surgical use. This lead to slow shipment from China to destination countries, but seems there is no choice. Simple, masks are to protect people, quality is the #1 priority.

I have encountered some buyers, who feel very angry on China government and Chinese supplier. This is not good. Doing business is not easy, buyers need to know the market better, rather than complain only.

I have received buyer’s email requiring the lowest quality mask to gain best profit, refused to quote. 

There are good ones and bad ones everywhere, we need to be smart, to keep learning, to avoid being fooled.

May every country, everyone, can win the war soon!


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