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Status Update

It has been a long time since my last update! Have been busy, but I am ok, thanks for the greetings from friends and visitors! Surely I will keep this personal website updated often from now on. Year 2016 is gone, and I was focusing on the following fieds: 1, Family: more time spent on […]


How to working with Chinese business partners best 18 tips

Businesspeople interested in doing business in China will benefit from knowing the Chinese mindset and practicing the following practical cross-border skills. Chinese Business Practices 1. Respect their business cards. The Chinese consider exchanging business cards the same way we consider a handshake. They exchange business cards the moment they greet you. People often present their […]



I have been in the export field for more than 10 years and owning my own trading company is my dream–my dream for years! Image via Wikipedia I have worked in factories, in trading companies and in a US sourcing company for 3 years, I have wide connections with suppliers of various products and know […]


外销型服装企业开拓国内市场的必要性及渠道探索 Necessity and ways to sell in domestic market for export-oriented textile companies

Image via Wikipedia 去年的经济危机,给服装企业带来严重打击,许多严重依赖出口的企业甚至面临倒闭的危险,在此危机影响下,许多企业开始探索开拓国内市场的可能性,并为在国内的销售做各种准备。而美国对中国汇率体系的不满,使劳动密集型的服装企业更感压力。 Under influence of the sub-prime crisis, many Chinese export-oriented textile companies are trying to sell in domestic market and to find the best way to sell. Adding pressure from US regarding the revaluation issue of Chinese Yuan, textile companies need to move! 笔者(个人网站从事外贸10年,也感受到国际市场对中国产品的打压,以及中国企业的生存之艰难。现在我与朋友开办了一家服装企业(公司网站,因对服装企业比较了解的关系, 就从服装企业开拓内销市场谈起。 I have worked in the export field […]