follow the tide, and stay competitive

Frankly, I have been very busy in the past 9 months-work more than 10 hours everyday and my only holiday is Chinese Spring Festival.-everyone stop working during this holiday. Namely, I was forced to stop working.

Some hate working, some like working. I belong to the second catagory. Creating values make me feel better. For those who hate working, Kelly Clarkson (singer of Counting Stars) said "what can not kill me makes me stronger". Stronger and stronger, yes, that is what I want.

I can see China is still developing very fast and currently all the society is under revolution in every aspect. 

I benefited from the development in the past 35 years;

I have to face all challenges forthcoming.

True story: I have a friend (an elder brother) who has worked in an overseas-funded sourcing company. He worked in the company for 20 years, and enjoyed high salary, good benefits, repect from people around. He is able to make very good PPT documents, able to establish good workflow chart. But nowadays everything is changing-the company moved to Viet Nam for better benefits while he is not willing to relocate. He can not find a job now.

China will remain world factory in the next 10 years, I am sure. BUT IN A DIFFERENT WAY.

I have worked in the export field for 16 years, I need to make some changes before forced to change.  The world is flat, things are going more and more transparent. I am thinking about work for clients on commission basis, the more I help clients source, the more benefits I will gain. 

Stay foolish, stay hungry!


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