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China High-speed Railway

China is famous for building the high-speed railway all around the world, and I believe this will change the ways Chinese live! I was on a trip to attend my friend’s wedding ceremoney and hereby share some pics of the high-speed train:1. Speed: see the letters on screen: 197km/h!2. Washing Room-1: Clean!3. Washing Room-2:4. Carriage: […]


Tips on How to protect yourself from being scammed for small buyers

Image via Wikipedia As an export businessman, I have received lots emails requesting help to get money returned from scammers. BUT, THERE IS LITTLE TO DO FROM MY SIDE regarding the amount wired, the location the scammer located, etc. To avoid being scammed, you will need to:1. Google the supplier’s website;2. Google the supplier’s email […]


Tips on How to cooperate with supplier from China well

Image via Wikipedia There are tons of manufacturers of various products in China. However, the problem is: how to cooperate well?1) treat the supplier as cooperator, NOT supplier only. China used to be world-factory and buyers from every corner of the world source from China. But Chinese suppliers are developing fast, they know the international […]